It's not your fault. Money is tight, you just had illegitimate septuplets, and a lot of these movies probably never played in a theater anywhere near you -- rumor has it that several of our readers don't even live in New York City. Sometimes it's just not feasible to catch everything in theaters, and that's okay. 2010 was an unusually rich year for cinema, and odds are that you missed some gems at both the multiplex and the art house. You don't have to flog yourself for it or anything (could be a scarring visual for the septuplets), but with the year winding down it's high time that you double back and catch up on the great stuff you missed. So here are 10 of the best films you probably slept on, complete with info as to where you can find them now.

Note: I wrote a piece in August called "The 5 Best Films You've (Probably) Missed This Year," which was a mid-year measuring stick of sorts. For the films that made both lists, I tweaked the text and updated the home video information.