We've featured tons of fantastic movie-related marriage proposals over the years (the guy who edited himself into 'Back to the Future' in order to propose will always hold a special place in our hearts), and the tradition continues today with a guy by the name of Sid Ceaser, who proposed to his girlfriend Sara Prindiville using Muppets.

Yup, Sid ordered custom Muppets from FAO Schwarz in New York City (via their brilliant Muppet Workshop) that resembled both he and Sara, and then he shot this lovely fake trailer all about their quirky relationship featuring said Muppets. When it came time to propose, Sid had a local theater insert the trailer in between their regular previews, and Sara recognized it was them as soon as they appeared on screen. Naturally she said yes (phew), and the happy couple are now on their way to planning a Muppet-themed wedding (or at least we hope they are).

Check out the fake trailer Sid put together after the jump, as well as a behind-the-scenes video and a picture of the real-life couple with their Muppets. Sid also documented the entire process over on his website. Good job, sir. You made us Muppet nerds very proud.
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