Few filmmakers are aware that they're making history when they start working on a new project, it's forgivable if Steven Lisberger already had a clue (no pun intended) about his film's impact when he incorporated computer-generated images into the narrative of 1982's 'Tron.' 28 years later and thousands of effects-driven films later, Disney is reviving Lisberger's ideas for 'Tron: Legacy,' and putting another would-be ground-breaker at the helm: Joe Kosinski, a first-time director who made a name for himself in not just the commercial, but architectural (!) worlds. The film opens on December 17, and after an arduous and unique production, Kosinski is at long last staring at the end of the film's two and a half year journey to completion - to say nothing of the actual legacy that the film will go on to enjoy.

Cinematical recently sat down with Kosinski at the Los Angeles press day for 'Tron: Legacy.' In addition to talking about the film's inspirational debut at Comic-Con three years ago and its serpentine, singular development process, Kosinski revealed the lessons learned while working on the film, and hinted at how soon we might hear what's next for him as a director.
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