When the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced their list of nominees last week for their annual Golden Globes cocktail party, they drew almost unanimous shock for their selections in the "comedy / musical" department. Out were options like 'Cyrus,' 'Get Low,' 'Four Lions,' 'Easy A,' and 'The Other Guys.' In were the likes of 'Alice In Wonderland,' 'Burlesque,' and 'The Tourist.' Yes, really.

Now get this: According to Guy Adams at The Independent, Sony Pictures flew members of the HFPA to Las Vegas for a last minute pitch for 'Burlesque' (put out by their Screen Gems division). The package included "luxury hotel accommodations, free meals and a private concert performed by the film's star, Cher." The film then went on to receive three Golden Globe nominations including the aforementioned Best Picture nod and two for Best Original Song, one of them performed in the film by ... Cher.