We'd like to pretend that internet chatter actually means something when it comes to putting together a movie, but that's not always the case. Sure, producers and directors might scour the web looking for fan reaction when a particular actor or actress is rumored for a role, but more often than not studio bosses will do their own thing since they're the ones putting up the money for it and you're not. Which is why Nathan Fillion still hasn't ended up with a leading role in some big, nerdy Hollywood blockbuster. While he may have a large fanbase online and at fan conventions, fact is studios just don't seem prepared to hand the guy a big-budgeted potential franchise. At least not yet.

But that won't stop fans from trying. One guy recently stopped director David O. Russell following a screening of 'The Fighter' in LA, and tried to pitch him the idea of Nathan Fillion starring in the 'Uncharted' movie, based on the popular video game. It's an Indiana Jones-esque story about an adventurer searching for treasure, and Fillion -- with his charming, blue-collar tough-guy looks -- would probably do a good job with the part.

Sadly, Russell has no idea who Fillion is (though his agent claims the actor's audition was sent to the director), and if it was a toss up between Fillion and Mark Wahlberg, Russell would easily go with Wahlberg, no matter how wrong for the role he is. Heck, if Russell was making a Cyndi Lauper biopic, he'd try to find a way to get Wahlberg to play Lauper -- that's just how fond he is of the actor, and of working with him.
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