With David O. Russell's 'The Fighter' opening wide this past weekend, it seems likely that many film fans are going to be interested in the real life story the film is based on. If you're one of those folks, or you just love a good documentary, then this story qualifies as good news.

'High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell' can now be viewed in its entirety online for the fantastic price of zero dollars. The folks over at Snagfilms (via our friends at Badass Digest) have made the feature available, so anyone who wants to know more about the true events that inspired the best sports movie of the year can check it out with a few mouse clicks.

Russell's film stars Mark Wahlberg as fighter 'Irish" Mickey Ward – a pugilist who's lived in the shadow of his talented brother, Dicky Eklund (Christian Bale), for most of his life. After Eklund begins a downward spiral into crack addiction and jail time, Ward's own career takes off and Eklund comes back into the fold (after a prison stint) to train his brother for a Welterweight title fight.

If you've seen 'The Fighter', then you know that for most of the film, Eklund is being followed by cameras for an HBO documentary on the life of crack addicts. This is that documentary.
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