The Hollywood Reporter has posted another hour-long award season roundtable discussion -- this time with several of the year's biggest directors. The video includes David O. Russell ('The Fighter'), Darren Aronofsky ('Black Swan'), Lisa Cholodenko ('The Kids are All Right'), Derek Cianfrance ('Blue Valentine'), Peter Weir ('The Way Back') and Tom Hooper ('The King's Speech') -- and the talks cover everything from the MPAA, to bad behavior on set, to budgets and more.

Things open up with a chat about 'Blue Valentine's' NC-17 rating ordeal and 'The King's Speech's' R-rating, because David Seidler's script employed the "F' word 17 times in a "therapeutic" context. Aronofsky pipes in to let us know that he thinks the "violence and sex thing" is totally backwards in America (amen). David O. Russell seems to attract a volatile crowd when it comes to his films, but he reveals his embarrassment and disappointment over the situation with Lily Tomlin in 'I Heart Huckabees' and George Clooney in 'Three Kings' -- stating that it was a shame one bad incident eclipsed what was otherwise a good experience for everyone. Russell then goes on to steal the show talking about George Lucas, choking kittens and everyone's favorite ... b*tches.

Check out the full video after the jump and let us know what filmic revelations tickle you.
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