Now that it's absolutely blistering cold outside – in the North at least – what better way to rub it in than with the infamous scene from 'A Christmas Story' when Flick turns his tongue into a popsicle by sticking it on the school flagpole? While most of the film revolves around Ralphie's desperation to get a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas, as a kid, the lesson I learned from this film wasn't that I could shoot an eye out with such a dangerous gift, but that if I stuck my tongue on a flagpole in the winter, I'd end up like Flick.

We know this is going to be a serious situation from the moment the scene begins. Schwartz clearly means business when he unleashes the double dog dare and then unexpectedly skips the triple dare and goes right to the triple dog dare. Now Flick has no choice; he must answer the call. Unfortunately, Flick's attempt at maintaining his dignity leaves him cemented to the flagpole with nobody to turn to for help. When the school bell rings even Ralphie leaves his pal behind. The bell rang. What was he supposed to do? The bell rang! From there, Flick does the only thing left to do – cry.
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