Tim League, Alamo Drafthouse Founder & CEO, on his favorite seasonal beer for the holidays...

My beer drinking habits change with the seasons. I'll drink cloudy wheat beer in the summertime and bocks in the fall, but the best season of all is winter with limited-run Christmas beers. The flavor profiles swing pretty wide, but almost all are hearty and spicy. The best somehow taste like you are somehow drinking Christmas.

King of all Christmas beers is Anchor Christmas Ale. The recipe changes every year as does the tree on the label (is the tree a hint to the secret recipe?). They've been brewing it in limited quantities every year since 1975 and it usually disappears from shelves well before Christmas. I shouldn't even really be writing this, because if more people sip away from the limited reserves of my most cherished holiday pint, it will make every Christmas from here on out a little sadder for me.

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