[The Week in Geek is a weekly Tuesday column that plunges headfirst into a deep pool of genre geekiness without ever coming up for air.]

Let the squares have their Manheim Steamroller and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I want an album of cats meowing "Good King Winceslas." I need Weird Al Yankovic's "Christmas at Ground Zero." I crave Miss Piggy singing "Christmas Is Coming." I just can't abide normal, vanilla Christmas carols. If I want Christmas music, it's got to be different.

Well, I went looking, and different is what I found. I laid down some specific ground rules for the final five -- the songs had to be original videos, not fan-made edits set to Christmas music, and they had to be film-related in some way. Oh, and they had to be geeky. That can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but I think I've got all the geek bases covered with my selections. So, without further ado, my Holiday gifts to you are five of the geekiest Christmas carols around, running the gamut from the charming to the disarming. Don't thank me just yet.

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