The Wrap's Deal Central has scored exclusive details on what might be the worst movie idea in the history of mankind: videogame publisher Electronic Arts is entering the movie business and their planned first feature is a film based on the popular 'Madden NFL' franchise. While there have been some great movies made about football, EA's plans for a big screen 'Madden' have little to do with the actual gridiron action – and will instead focus on the infamous "cover curse" that's been plaguing athletes since back in 1999.

The "Madden Curse" basically dictates that any professional football player featured on the cover of the game will either suffer a debilitating injury or have one of the worst years of his career statistically. What sounds like a lot of superstitious mumbo-jumbo seems all too real when perusing NFL history.

Unfortunately, EA's planned project won't spend time chronicling how players like Dorsey Levens, Marshall Faulk and Troy Polamalu had bad years when they were featured on the packaging (or even how LaDanian Tomlinson refused to be on the cover in 2008. Tomlinson cited the status of his contract negotiations as the reason for passing, but he may have been afraid of the curse too). Instead, it's going to focus on a former 'Madden' videogame champion forced out of retirement (did he quit because he got tendinitis in his thumb from vigorously working the hit stick?) who finds himself dealing with the curse after being featured in the corner of the newest installment's cover art. Sounds...ridiculous.
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