'Little Fockers'
would be a lot less painful to watch if its cast of victims didn't include so many beloved actors. Replace De Niro, Stiller, and Hoffman with a bunch of D-listers and it would still be terrible -- the screenplay is unsalvageable -- but at least then it wouldn't feel like a punch in the movie lover's gut.

Arriving six years to the day after 'Meet the Fockers,' this third film in the 'Meet the Parents' saga is one of the dullest, laziest, unfunniest comedies I've ever seen that didn't go straight to DVD and have the words "National Lampoon" attached to it. Most of the gags from the first two films are repeated, only now they're broadly telegraphed so that you'll never NOT see the joke coming before it arrives. Any character growth that occurred previously is forgotten so that we can revert back to the basics: De Niro doesn't trust Stiller, Stiller keeps accidentally messing things up, and Stiller's last name is Focker. (DO YOU GET IT???)

In addition, you may be interested to know that 'Little Fockers' includes many reminders that farts, vomit, and erections are funny. They are so funny, in fact, that you needn't write actual jokes around them. Just toss 'em up there on the screen! A kid barfing on someone is comedy gold, period.
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Little Fockers
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