• Penny-Arcade, like most sane people, don't understand why some groups are upset about a black Norse God in 'Thor.'

  • A big screen version of '24' has been put on indefinite hold according to series producer Howard Gordon, who says Billy Ray's script wasn't the "right proposition" for the studio. He does mention, however, that Tony Scott is apparently keen to pitch an idea to Kiefer Sutherland, so the project isn't entirely dead yet.

  • After a slow slide into financial turmoil, MGM is proud to announce that its recent corporate restructuring has resulted in $500 million in newly raised funds, which means the studio can finally get back to not only making movies, but releasing the completed ones that have simply been collecting dust (here's looking at you, 'Cabin in the Woods').

  • Proving that number of illegal downloads is in no way tied to box office performance,'Avatar' is the most pirated film of 2010 with an estimated 16.5 million downloads. In distant second place is 'Kick-Ass' with 11.5 million downloads.

  • Remember the 1982 'Tron' Holiday Special? No? Funny or Die does:
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