In sports, rooting for the underdog is fun; with movies, it's torture. When a flick you like is critically panned, the common response among cinephiles is to assume a defensive crouch, ready to spring whenever the movie comes up in conversation. By now, acquaintainces pretty much know not to raise 'A.I. Artificial Intelligence' or 'The Village' in my presence.

Here, in that same friendly-but-cantankerous spirit, we submit for your consideration seven poorly reviewed films from 2010 that deserve a chance, even though the Tomatometer may suggest otherwise.


'Agora' (Alejandro Amenabar) – Alejandro Amenabar's modestly budgeted historical epic is grand, sweeping, old-fashioned entertainment as well as a stirring paean to rational thought and humanity's continuing quest to discover its place in the universe. Lukewarm reviews and a hideously botched domestic theatrical release by Newmarket Films doomed this movie to obscurity (it won't even be available on Blu-Ray), but please: if you catch up to only one 2010 obscurity next year, make it this one.
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