Johnny Marco is trapped, and all the exits are blocked by beautiful naked women. An actor as oversexed as he is under-worked, Johnny (Stephen Dorff!?!) has holed up for an indefinite stay in L.A.'s notorious Chateau Marmont, a halfway house for celebrities and an orgy of inertia wherein fading stars seek solace (but settle for vacuity). He's a kind but defeated man, and he knows he's stuck even if he can't quite feel it, yet. With a beer in one hand and a plaster cast on the other, he lazily watches some Playboy twins come into his room and perform eerily choreographed pole dances, routines that are made all the more disquieting by their lack of nudity.

In short, if Johnny Marco weren't a Sofia Coppola character, he might be mistaken for a parody of a Sofia Coppola character. He's a small man and 'Somewhere' is a small film, but both are riddled with the nuanced surprises and silent cataclysms of the best short fiction, and what might seem like a retread or a self-involved bit of make-believe blossoms almost imperceptibly into one of the year's best films.