Chances are you'll be watching 'A Christmas Story' at least once over the next few days. Ever since TBS started airing 24 hours of the film beginning Christmas Eve through Christmas Day, it's become a tradition in many households to keep their televisions tuned in to Ralphie's X-mas-related trials and tribulations for hours upon hours on end.

As such, there's a good chance a few questions may pop up while the film is playing in the background, attempting to drown out Uncle Eddie's post-Christmas dinner snoring. We'll be taking the next couple of days to answer some of those questions for you, this way when your little cousin Bobby turns and asks whether you can really go blind from soap poisoning, you'll be waiting with a smile and the correct answer.

'A Christmas Story' Myth #2: Can You Really Go Blind from Soap Poisoning?

Short Answer: No

Longer Answer: In the film, Ralphie gets punished for cursing in front of his father. His punishment: A bar of soap in his "dirty" mouth. Ralphie then envisions how one day, when he goes blind from soap poisoning, his parents would realize how awful they were ... and they'd regret it. [Watch the scene here]

Of course it was just a fantasy and never happened, but surely you must be just a little curious as to whether one can actually go blind from soap poisoning, right?
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