Don't look now, but the MPAA is at it again. The film ratings board, fresh off the 'Blue Valentine' controversy, has now slapped David Schwimmer's 'Trust' with an R rating. The former 'Friends' star was unhappy with the mark, and had vowed not to alter his film even if he lost the appeal. We'll see if he sticks to that promise after yesterday's hearing – wherein the board refused to grant the title a PG-13 rating in its current state.

'Trust,' Schwimmer's cautionary tale starring Clive Owen and Catherine Keener, is about how a family reacts when their teenage daughter is lured away and raped by an online predator. It certainly sounds like a film that might be worthy of the Restricted rating (which prevents children under the age of 17 from seeing the movie without being accompanied by a parent or guardian) given that it revolves around a 14-year-old child enduring a sexual assault.

The board was apparently unmoved by Schwimmer and distributor Millennium Entertainment's assertion that the film was a message movie that should be seen by teens so that they understand the inherent danger of meeting people on the Internet. The MPAA's Classification and Ratings Appeals Board upheld their decision based on the grounds that 'Trust' features "disturbing material involving the rape of a teen, language, sexual content and some violence."
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