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There are three distinct camps when it comes to Disney's 1961 Technicolor musical, 'Babes in Toyland.' Many Victor Herbert enthusiasts despise the Mickey Mouse extravaganza's saccharine spectacle, Laurel and Hardy fans call it a poor remake of 1934's 'March of the Wooden Soldiers' and then there are those who find it undeniably magical. While there's certainly a case to be made for all three perspectives, it's hard to peg 'Babes in Toyland' as a complete wash. When it comes to Christmas stories, they don't come more colorful than this. The bright and cheerful sets and costumes are dizzying, but if you can catch your breath between the songs and dancing there's a lot of charm and artistry to be admired in this storybook classic.
Babes in Toyland
Not Yet Rated1961
In Theaters on December 14th, 1961

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