2010 wasn't just a great year for good movies, it was also a great year for bad movies that a lot of you mistakenly confused for good movies. No need to apologize, these things happen -- Sometimes in life people love things just a little bit more than they should (I mean, we live in a world where there's a "Tron Guy"). In fact, being wrong can be a beautiful thing, especially for whomever has the pleasure of detailing just how woefully wrong you are.

So behold our confrontational, condescending, and fiercely opinionated list of the year's most overrated movies! Most of these ten films are beloved by a significant portion of the nation's most respected moviegoers, and the rest of them are 'Morning Glory.' The films are ranked by how undeservedly over-praised they were, with the #1 spot occupied by the movie which enjoyed the greatest disparity between its perceived quality and its actual merits.

Enjoy, and feel free to voice your displeasure in the comments.
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