Sick of having 3D films shoved in your face? Well, it's too bad because studios aren't planning to bury the technology anytime soon. However, here's something that might make you feel a little better; a "top CG supervisor in a prominent visual effects studio in Los Angeles" going by the pseudonym Alexander Murphy recently published an article on Gizmodo called, 'The Movie Studios' Big 3D Scam,' and it's packed with information confirming that the extra dimension really is as pointless as it feels. The rage evoked by dropping extra cash on a 3D movie ticket is completely justifiable.

Post-converted or shot in 3D, the director of a 3D film still needs to be conscious of how the additional dimension will appear on screen, but an issue specific to the films in the post-conversion class is layering. "Endless rotoscoping provides layers that can be separated to fake a different perspective for the second eye, but that's what it looks like, layers." This may be great for films like 'The Final Destination,' which primarily use the technology to throw things at the audience, but it'll never achieve the sensation of a film like 'Avatar' during which the 3D world on the screen feels real.
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