I see more horror movies in a year than the average person does in two. I also review them for FEARnet. So here is a list that comes from a guy who knows and loves this stuff, but is also an opinionated whiner sometimes. Just like most horror fans.

Best Horror Films (yes, they're "ranked" but there's an eyelash separating most of these)

10. 'The Crazies' -- I still have legitimate nags about the final reel but they're not enough to ruin a surprisingly intense and well-presented tale of humanity gone loco. It sounds like high praise to call this film an improvement over the original, but it's not like the first flick is among Romero's best efforts.

9. 'Daybreakers' -- I was one of the few horror geeks who wasn't all that crazy about the Spierig brothers' 'Undead,' so it was with much enthusiasm that I found myself quite enjoying their sophomore effort. Sort of a vampire take on 'Gattaca,' it features some juicy performances, a few cool action bits, and some interesting ideas about futuristic vampirism. That's just fun.