Ring in New Year week with a pair of thrillers that go from one extreme to the other. For extreme violence and bloodshed there's 'Resident Evil: Afterlife,' the third sequel in the popular zombie franchise that stars Milla Jovovich as one of the last humans on Earth fighting off the Undead on her way to finding a safe haven for humanity. At the other extreme is the very slow thriller 'The American,' with George Clooney as a paid assassin who has the tables turned on him and has to go into hiding in the Italian countryside, where he goes through an existential catharsis. Happy New Year.
Resident Evil: Afterlife Movie Poster
Resident Evil: Afterlife
Based on 14 critics

In a world overrun with the walking dead, Alice (Milla Jovovich) continues her battle against Umbrella... Read More

The American Movie Poster
The American
Based on 36 critics

When an assignment in Sweden ends badly, master assassin Jack (George Clooney) retreats to the Italian... Read More

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