I'm not ashamed (well maybe I'm a little ashamed) to admit that despite my status as an avid movie geek, there are a few gaps in my knowledge. The largest of these gaps is that of the silent film. Given that silent movies provide a connection to the dawn of the motion picture, it is important that all cinephiles acquaint themselves with as many as possible -- if for no other reason than to understand the roots of our beloved art form. I will be watching as many silent films as I possibly can, and, each month, will spotlight the titles that really standout.

This week we give "The Silent Treatment" to a classic comedy: 'Sherlock Jr.'
Sherlock Jr.
Not Yet Rated1924
In Theaters on May 1st, 1994

A film projectionist (Buster Keaton) dreams he is famous detective Sherlock Holmes on the screen. Read More

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