The not-so-gentle art of scene stealing is a complex affair, depending on the right actor, the right scene and the right dialogue. And you don't have to be the lead to steal a scene. In fact, a lot of scenes are stolen with pithy quotes by supporting stars or new faces.

That's the main theme to be found in Moviefone's roundup of the funniest movie quotes of 2010. Our list includes a slew of scene stealers like Tom Hardy in 'Inception' and Stu "Large" Riley in 'Kick-Ass,' both actors who took lines that could have been throwaways and turned them into some of the most memorable movie moments of the year.

Heck, two of the actors who delivered the quotes on our list, Johnny Simmons and Armie Hammer, are so fresh-faced we haven't even had a chance to build pages for them on Moviefone.

After you're done checking our list, let us know in the comments if there are any movie quotes you loved this year that we didn't catch.