The website Anomalous Material poses an interesting question, "What movies did you fall out of love with?" Just think about it; how often do you flip through the string of premium movie channels and opt to skip over a title you once would have had to watch all the way through? Just today I took a pass on '(500) Days of Summer,' 'Spider-Man' and 'The Birds.' However, in the case of these three films, it's not really about falling out of love with them per se, just not being in the mood for them or, in term of '(500) Days of Summer' specifically, just having seen it about 500 times already. Falling out of love with a film constitutes something wholly different: when a movie that once had a profound effect on you just doesn't cut it anymore.

The author of the Anomalous Material article pinpointed 'Fight Club' as a film that lost his love and while he provides a totally sound argument for the deflation of their relationship, that's one film that still gets me every time. The one that lost its luster for me is a childhood favorite, or more like an obsession, 'Charlie's Angels.'
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