Oh, that sneaky Pixar. First, they make the masses -- men and women, boys and girls -- sob with their heart-tugging look at what happens to our toys when we grow old and jaded and move onto other things. Now they're infusing that cleverness into their Oscar campaign.

As you might already know, Woody and Buzz earned the top-grossing spot this year, while also gaining the respect of almost every film critic out there (only 3 rotten scores out of 247). With a feat like that, a film would surely be considered for an Oscar, if not earn the win. But not so fast -- 'Toy Story 3' is an animated film. Animation has never won the top prize, though flicks like 'Up' and 'Beauty and the Beast' at least got the chance to compete with the big boys.

Instead of pushing the family angle of the film, and the way it made most moviegoers fall in love with it, Pixar and Disney have opted for a little image play by invoking past winners from 'The Sound of Music' to 'Silence of the Lambs.'