Once upon a time, there was an addictive little game called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (or The Oracle of Bacon). Surely you've heard of it? The '90s game was simple, but brilliant -- just about any and every actor (alive or dead) in Hollywood could be linked to the 'Footloose' star by only six degrees. It sounded impossible -- yet everyone seemed to be linked. Even Charlie Chaplin! See, he starred in 'Limelight' in 1952, which had Norman Lloyd, who appeared in 'The Age of Innocence' in 1993. That film also featured Pasquale Cajano, who was in the 1996 film 'Sleepers' with -- you guessed it -- Kevin Bacon.

But now there's a new challenge out there proving to be just as difficult -- find the most commonly used movie title.
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