As Netflix continues to grow and looks toward a downloadable future, the idea of streaming video is starting to catch on. We've already got Best Buy getting into the game, the understandable choice as a mass chunk of each store is dedicated to film and television. We've had Wal-Mart, who might have everything from underwear to electronics, but they also have their own little disc collection.

...but Sears?

Yep! According to Chicago Business, the struggling department store has decided to perk up business with their own video download service. Sears has been in a tough spot for years now (just Google "struggling Sears" and see for yourself), trying all manner of techniques to improve business -- releasing their brands to competing companies, selling off chains and shutting stores. Almost one year ago, they realized that just maybe they should invest a little more time and effort into that new-fangled Internet, and tried to reconnect with their mail-order roots.

And now that online push has evolved into movie downloading.
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