When I first started writing installments of "Shelf Life," I mostly targeted films that I either was fairly certain I already liked and wanted to watch again, or was just purely curious about whether or not they were still good and/or resonant. As the column evolved, and perhaps traffic devolved, it occurred to my considerably-smarter editors, and eventually, me that readers might find more appeal in having me explore titles that had a greater sense of immediate relevance – stuff that was in the filmography of an actor or director with a new project coming out, or perhaps slightly more crassly, a film that was being released that week on Blu-ray or DVD for the first time in whenever, or ever.

But after a year of drawing in millions and millions (if not billions) of readers who pore over every word and opinion with rapt interest, I decided to tackle something just for me. Specifically, I'm a huge fan of David Cronenberg, and was elated to revisit one of his most bizarre films, 'Videodrome,' for absolutely no other reason than to see if it still invigorated me, entertained me, messed me up. (Never mind the fact that the good people at Criterion released it on Blu-ray in a glorious new set just a few weeks ago.) As such, this week's film is 'Videodrome,' and I hope you enjoy this little personal, end-of-year detour; rest assured we'll be returning to our regular programming next week.