- A new image has been released of Tomar-Re, a popular member of the Green Lantern Corps., as featured in the upcoming 'Green Lantern' movie, due out in June. Tomar-Re is sort of like a mentor to Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), teaching him the way of the Green Lantern.

- The Wrap has confirmed via a source who saw an early cut of 'Thor' that Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye makes a cameo at some point, though it is not known where, when or how. Since Marvel doesn't tack on the after-credits sequence till right before release, we expect Hawkeye to play into the main storyline.

- Though 'Death Race 2' is going straight to video, that's not stopping Universal from speeding up the delivery of a 'Death Race 3', according to Moviehole. The third installment is currently in development, and, like its predecessor, will probably also go straight to video.

- Oliver Stone's 'Pinkville' was killed during the writer's strike, but now it looks to be gaining some more steam as Stone mentions on the 'Wall Street 2' commentary track that he's thinking of reviving the movie -- which will document the events before and after the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam, in which members of the U.S. Army murdered upwards of 500 South Vietnamese citizens -- with Shia LaBeouf in the role that was originally set to go to Channing Tatum.
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