It's close to midnight in Austin, Texas and the temperature is falling fast. The crowd packed into the lot next to the charming dive bar are dressed appropriately -- hats and coats and gloves on everyone.

But the man on the makeshift stage is shirtless. And shoeless. And carrying a toy machine gun. And now, he's exchanging words with the man currently holding his "wife," a male actor with a wig, hostage.

It's the climactic scene of 'Die Hard,' live on stage (or, as it was advertised, "In 3D!"). Soon enough, the villainous Hans Gruber gets the "Yippey Ki-Yay, Motherf*cker" treatment and plummets to his death by diving off the stage into the audience and John McClane gets into the cardboard limousine and exits stage left to the tune of 'Let It Snow.'

The video of this memorable performance went viral a few days back (and you can watch it after the jump), but surely you must be wondering: what kind of people would put on a stage version of 'Die Hard'? Or, more accurately, what kind of people would perform a live action double feature of 'Die Hard' and 'Home Alone'?
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