Paul  Newman in 'Cool Hand Luke'

It's been a little over two years since Paul Newman passed away at the age of 83, but his absence is still keenly felt. His career -- and life in general -- could be a template for achieving mega success while retaining dignity and integrity. Not many other film industry figures have the kind of reputation he built over a lifetime; as a truthful, ego-free actor; a massive, if reluctant, sex symbol; and a philanthropic giant and social activist. (As he once quipped: "You can't stop being a citizen just because you have a Screen Actors Guild card.")

Newman's estimable film career was enhanced by his long term marriage to equally esteemed actress Joanne Woodward; his all-proceeds-to-charity Newman's Own line of products, among other philanthropic efforts; and his status as a serious auto racer. He seemed almost too good to be true, but he really was one of the coolest men alive.
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