Marvel and DC, the two biggest names in the comic book industry, have been duking it out for superhero supremacy for years. The battle has jumped from the printed page to the movie screen in the past decade, as each studio has worked diligently to translate their franchise characters into action film heroes. The war seems set to shift focus yet again, as the companies now prepare for a showdown in a most unlikely arena: the stage.

Much has been written (most of it bad...) about Marvel's 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,' a 65 million dollar Broadway production helmed by Julie Taymor. The musical extravaganza (featuring songs from U2's Bono and The Edge) won't open until Feburary – nearly a year after its scheduled debut – as terrifying injuries to actors and other problems have plagued the production at nearly every turn.

DC is hoping to avoid a similar fate for their newly announced stage show, a live-action adaptation of Batman's origin story, entitled 'Batman Live.' Unlike 'Spider-Man,' this show won't be a musical nor appear on a Broadway stage. Instead, 'Batman' is a full on arena show, a spectacle filled with elaborate sets, a gigantic stage and a huge video screen.
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