It wouldn't be an average day in the movie world if there wasn't a story about Guillermo del Toro floating around the internet. Whether he's leaving 'The Hobbit,' announcing his upcoming 'At the Mountains of Madness' or teasing a dozen future projects that may or may not ever happen, the man is an omnipresent force, a demigod of movie geekery that just about everyone seems to recognize as being a true visionary filmmaker and a source of seemingly unlimited creative joy.

He also made this wacky little commercial (via indieWire) twenty years ago that sees a man, played by del Toro himself, suffering a lycanthropic reaction to severe indigestion. Thankfully, he has some Alka Seltzer on hand, which soothes the savage beast within, allowing him to get back to work. Hey, everyone has to start somewhere, and for del Toro, it was Mexican television. Two years later, he was making his magnificent first film, 'Cronos.'

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