Welcome to the Monday Movie Poll, our weekly discussion about the weekend's top movies, with the audiences that watched them.

'Little Fockers' is the number-one movie in the country for a second week in a row. So far, its total box office take is a little over $103 million in the almost-two-weeks it has been in theaters. Clearly, it's the popular vote of the American movie-going public.

'Fockers,' however, has not been very popular with movie critics. Mr. Moviefone said, "It's time to put the franchise to bed for good" in his Six Second Review. Cinematical jokingly called it an "obscene act of unspeakable horror."

Some audiences trust the words of a professional film critic when making their movie choice, while others go out of their way to actively ignore the words of men like Roger Ebert and Leonard Maltin. But Moviefone wants to hear from the couple million ticket-paying* viewers who have actually seen the movie: Is 'Little Fockers' the people's choice for a reason? Or are the critics right and we should avoid it at all costs?
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Little Fockers
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