There's something for everyone as we enter the first week of a new decade. If you love lowbrow comedies, then 'Dinner for Schmucks,' starring Paul Rudd and Steve Carell in a tale about a rising corporate star who has to prove himself by bringing a bumbling fool to his boss' dinner party, is for you. If you love revenge action flicks that exist only to kill off the bad guys -- and want to see perennial sideman Danny Trejo come to the fore as a hero -- pick up 'Machete.' Horror aficionados will appreciate 'The Last Exorcism,' which puts a new twist on demonic possession. And, finally, for anyone who reveals their self on social networks, 'Catfish' is a cautionary tale about virtual relationships. Happy New Year.
Based on 29 critics

The paintings of a girl, supposedly 8 years old, lead a filmmaker's brother on an unusual odyssey. Read More

The Last Exorcism
Based on 31 critics

A deceitful cleric (Patrick Fabian) must summon faith when he finds real evil at a Louisiana farm. Read More

Based on 29 critics

A blade-wielding former Federale (Danny Trejo) seeks revenge against those who betrayed him. Read More

Dinner for Schmucks
Based on 37 critics

An executive's life enters a comic downward spiral after he meets a blundering fool (Steve Carell). Read More

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