I love making lists, so I sat down to greet the new year with a "top 5" of something fun. Then the great Pete Postlethwaitepassed away, so instead of something something light and silly, my first Top 5 article of 2011 will instead be a bit sad and bittersweet. Like just about all movie fans, I was a big fan of Mr. P.

5. Roland Tembo in 'The Lost World: Jurassic Park' -- Spielberg needed someone to play the "great white hunter," and since this is the man who once hired Robert Shaw for a similar role, you can rest assured that Mr. Postlethwaite will deliver some colorful fun amidst the rampaging dinos.

4. Father Brennan in 'The Omen' -- One way to judge a character actor is by how he or she survives a big fat turkey. John Moore's dryly unimaginative remake at least offered an interesting cast, and (as usual) Mr. Postlethwaite steals the entire film with just one low-key performance. Other films salvaged to some degree by Pete Postlethwaite include 'Dragonheart,' 'Dark Water,' and (ugh) 'Aeon Flux.'
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