The screen is black as some super-catchy music from the '60s or '70s begins to play. A conversation is underway. As the screen begins to brighten and a table appears, something seems different. It's not a group discussing the merits of Madonna, or classically sweet rides, nor a night of drinks that leads to a Nazi or vampire massacre. In fact, these aren't really human people at all. They're animated folks talking about something family-friendly, free of f-bombs and easily quotable menace.

Could it work?

When you have visions of 'Reservoir Dogs,' 'Death Proof,' 'Inglourious Basterds' and 'From Dusk Till Dawn,' it might sound crazy, but is it time for Quentin Tarantino to dig into familial fare? Fresh into 2011, QT has offered up his Best-Of picks, and 'Toy Story 3' came out on top, with 'Tangled' ranking number five and 'How to Train Your Dragon' at number 17.

As a director who is the sum of his cinematic experiences, and now a director who has three animated features on his best list for last year, it looks like a genre change could be looming.
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Toy Story 3
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