Last year there were a few Godzilla-related rumblings when the free-spending Legendary Pictures signed a deal with Toho, but until now we only knew a few cool tidbits about the reboot. Until NOW! (cue massive monster screech)

Seems that Gareth Edwards, director of the festival favorite 'Monsters,' is about to sign a deal that would put him in the chair for a brand-new 'Godzilla' resurrection. According to THR, they've been working from a Dave Callaham screenplay, but now they're open to reading some new drafts.

The infamously massive fire-breathing lizard made his American debut back in 1954, and has suffered all sorts of goofy sequels and ill-advised remakes. (Anyone remember 'Godzilla 1985'? Yeesh. And the Roland Emmerich 'Godzilla' is just too obviously stupid to mention. Oops, I just did.) Still, this sounds like great news for monster movie fanatics, because 'Monsters' was proof of a filmmaker who values character over carnage.
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