Though the original post is over a month old and dated back to when 'True Grit' first began screening for critics, for some reason this little behind-the-scenes nugget is just making the rounds now, probably because the story's author, Scott Feinberg, snuck in the tidbit at the very end of his article. So it goes like this: During the end credits of 'True Grit', Feinberg noticed a credit given to a Buster Coen for being Matt Damon's Abs Double.

Seems strange since you don't see Matt Damon's abs in the film, especially because they're covered up in layers of Texas Ranger clothing, and so during a post-screening Q&A Feinberg asked Damon what was up with the credit. Turns out Ethan Coen's 15-year-old son Buster had helped out on the film serving as an assistant to the script supervisor, but didn't want to be known as that in the credits. When asked what he wanted his credit to be, the kid indicated that he wanted to be known as Matt Damon's Abs Double.

Thus, said credit can now be seen during the film's end credit scroll, and we say Buster Coen deserves a high five. Not just because he came up with a hilarious credit for himself (that Coen quirk runs in the family, huh?), but because he further proved that film is a collaborative effort, and that it's not important who does what, only that, as a team, everyone got the job done together.
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