Today marks the arrival of 'Machete' in your local video store, and like most of Robert Rodriguez's films ... it's pretty damn crazy. Graphic violence, sexy women, tongue-in-cheek satire, broad wackiness, and a powerfully eclectic cast are what you'll generally find in the man's films, and with that in mind...

5. 'Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams'
The Movie: There was still a lot of charm left in the franchise when Part 2 of the family-friendly adventure series made its appearance. Some (like me) like it better than Part 1.
The DVD: The sequel has one thing the original does not: a DVD overflowing with extra features: the director offers his typically engaging "film school" stuff, but there's also some bonus goodies for the kids to enjoy.

4. 'El Mariachi' / 'Desperado'
The Movies: A fascinating double feature in that it shows what Rodriguez can do with very little ... and it also shows what he can do with a decent budget. Throw in the overzealous but entertaining 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico' and you have one stylishly bizarre trilogy:
The DVD: Just out this week is the aforementioned double feature on Blu-ray, and it seems that the new release retains all the commentary / featurette goodness from the earlier DVDs -- which makes that Blu-ray a must-own for any R.R. fan.

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