Making fun of Nic Cage's performances has become something of a national pastime over the last few years. It's hard to imagine another performer who won a Best Actor Oscar following the same career trajectory Cage has over the past 15 years, but that's part of what makes the actor so fascinating. It seems like it's been a lifetime since we witnessed Cage's heartbreaking turn as a man drinking himself to death in 'Leaving Las Vegas.' In fact, an entire new generation of film fans is more likely to remember Cage as the actor who donned a bear costume and punched a woman in the face in the abominable remake of 'The Wicker Man' than as an actor who took home Oscar gold. These over-the-top performances in bad films have become something of a hallmark when discussing the actor's recent career, but Cage isn't just some ham chewing the scenery in front of the camera – underneath it all, it's clear the man can still act.

Hopefully, audiences might see some of that simmering talent when Cage stars in this week's 'Season of the Witch,' but in the meantime, everyone can get their fill of 'crazy Cage' by checking out this clip from Werner Herzog's sublimely brilliant 'Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans.' It's a fantastic example of how Cage can go totally outside the box yet still be mesmerizing.

Hit the jump for more on this classic Cage moment. Be advised that the clip is Not Safe For Work.
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Season of the Witch
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Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
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