Holy gundarks! Hide the padawans and set your light sabers on dim! The 'Star Wars' movies are officially coming to Blu-ray! Yes, we knew this a while back, but this is a *new* announcement of an impending announcement! Holy Hoth, Han Solo!!

But which trilogy will hit blu? Both? Will the original (aka holy) trilogy offer the un-ruined "original theatrical cuts" (word is it will not)? Will there be supplemental features? I mean ... new ones? Like maybe some cast commentaries or some of those legendarily deleted scenes? What about 3-D versions?!? And when will this whole thing drop?

We don't know! But thanks to our friends at Engadget we do know when we'll know: Thursday. Yep, that's when Lucasfilm Inc. plans to make a big announcement at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Clerarly 'Star Wars' is so huge they can make announcements about their announcements -- and we love the damn movies so much we just happily play along.

As Yoda would say, "Day after tomorrow shall we share news of much geek rejoice."