Bill Murray has a penchant for doing things most celebrities wouldn't – like stopping to read poetry (while donning a hard hat) to construction workers early last year as they built Poetry House's new home in New York. Of course, that was a planned event – which makes this latest story even more impressive if only because it shows Murray's a spontaneous and down to Earth guy who's not above having a little fun with his fans.

In a scene that could have come right out of 'Lost in Translation,' the Oscar nominated star recently turned up at a New York City Karoake bar, Karoake One 7. When Mike Impollonia and his crew noticed, Mike took it upon himself to approach the star and invite him (and the rest of his party) to their room to hang out. It was a cool gesture, but one they didn't expect the actor to accept. So, imagine their surprise when there was a knock on the door fifteen minutes later and they see Dr. Peter Venkman himself has shown up to croon some tunes...

While most of us would have been incapable of speaking, let alone singing, Mike and his friends kept it together – and their reward was a once in a lifetime evening of singing, drinking and general tomfoolery. Murray was a gracious guest, buying rounds of drinks, singing duets (including some Elvis) and just plain having a good time. The only thing missing was Scarlett Johansson in a pink wig.

Hit the jump to read Mike's firsthand account of the evening (courtesy of TheChive -- where there are more pics -- with a tip of the hat to JoBlo's Twitter feed for bringing it to our attention).
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