Sure they're a bit late to the party, but better late than never, right? Especially when they have DVDs and Blu-rays to sell pretty soon (we were just handed a press release listing the DVD/Blu-release as March 8th), and an extra chapter -- 'Jackass 3.5' -- to promote online this March. Still, though, you have to at least chuckle at this bold "For Your Consideration" attempt for 'Jackass 3' (notice how the 3D was left off this time in order to seem more ... important?), asking voters to consider the raunchy, stunt-filled 3D extravaganza in categories like Best Picture, Directing, Original Score and Visual Effects.

If there were a category for Best 3D of 2010, though, we wouldn't deny that 'Jackass 3' deserves a spot among those nominees. If the boys' latest sequel proved anything, it was that they definitely knew how to use the technology to their advantage while still managing to entertain audiences, and lots of them too (so far the film has scraped together an impressive $169 million worldwide).

Check out the hilarious "For Your Consideration" ad after the jump. It's a film the Washington Post called "A touching ode to male friendship at its most primal." Got that right.
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