With the Jan. 7 release of 'Season of the Witch' fast approaching -- and what with this being Nicolas Cage Week here and all -- Moviefone can now offer up our complete interview with the endlessly fascinating and highly divisive actor.

Cage spoke with us about the reasons for the film's circuitous path to theaters, why he's excited to play a knight, and whether or not his character -- who is placed in charge of a witch accused of causing the bubonic plague -- is being portrayed ironically.

We've also re-inserted a previously posted portion of the interview (which ran last November on our sister site, Cinematical), in which Cage reveals his feelings about how people see him as an actor, and tells us just how drastic of a departure 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance' is going to be from its outlandish 2007 predecessor.
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Season of the Witch
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His faith broken by many years fighting in the Crusades, a knight named Behman (Nicolas Cage) returns... Read More