We all have our favorite actors that we've carried with us since childhood. Every movie fanatic has a dozen or more (fine, maybe hundreds) but among my particular generation (and perhaps the one that preceded it) few "character actors" are as widely respected as Mr. Robert Duvall. He's absolutely one of those "I'll see whatever movie he's in" actors, which means I've seen a ton of his films. Gathered below are a handful of Mr. Duvall's best moments. You can find dozens more just by picking through his filmography.

'To Kill a Mockingbird' (1962) -- He played Boo Radley! And it was his very first film! (Read Peter Martin's views on this auspicious debut right here.)

'True Grit' (1969) -- Played a great villain in the original film. And not the dumb one, either. The role played by Barry Pepper in the remake.

'M*A*S*H' (1970) -- Before Larry Linville took over the role on television it was Robert Duvall as the pious but very annoying Major Frank Burns.

'The Godfather' (1972) & 'The Godfather Part 2' (1974) -- These go without saying, but Duvall's Tom Hagen is an absolutely essential part of these classic crime thrillers, and the actor has no problem playing a relatively decent man who works for a den of thieves. (First Oscar nomination: 'The Godfather')

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