"Overkill is underrated" was the understandable motto of Col. Hannibal Smith (Liam Neeson) in last summer's 'The A-Team,' Joe Carnahan's underrated big-budget adaptation of the small-screen series. For now, though, it seems that Neeson and Carnahan are going to forgo overkill by teaming back up for a more scaled-back man-versus-nature adventure.

According to Deadline, the director now has the green light for production on 'The Grey,' in which an oil-drilling crew is stranded in the Alaskan wilderness following a plane crash and is forced to fend off a nearby pack of wolves. Neeson will be joined by Dallas Roberts ('3:10 to Yuma,' "Rubicon"), James Badge Dale ("Rubicon"), Dermot Mulroney ('Flash of Genius'), Joe Anderson ('The Crazies') and others.

It's nice to see Carnahan change things up with a project about as far from 'The A-Team,' 'Narc,' and 'Smokin' Aces' as one could get, and the filmmaker intends to make the most of British Columbia's chilly climate: "In a way, it's great, because it beats the s--t out of the cast and that suits the storyline."

Meanwhile, Neeson's coming off a year that saw six of his films released and between this, 'Battleship,' this year's 'Hangover' sequel, next year's 'Clash of the Titans' sequel and an eventual 'Taken' sequel, the man shows no signs of slowing down. Overkill, schmoverkill...
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