Have an iPad already? If not, here is more incentive to you movie lovers: SnagFilms has just introduced a free app for the device, allowing you to stream 50 of the most popular documentary titles available through the site. And unlike Netflix Watch Instantly, which also works on the iPad, these films don't cost you anything. Some highly recommended titles offered free through the app: 'The Times of Harvey Milk,' 'Jazz on a Summer's Day,' 'Super Size Me,' 'The Future of Food' and 'Dig!'

Also coming soon is the opportunity for Comcast cable subscribers to stream movies and TV shows on their iPads (and other Apple as well as Android devices) via the Xfinity TV app, which currently appears to solely function as a guide and remote control. According to a press release, this new "play now" feature will bring 3,000 hours of On Demand and live programming to the app. Soon there will also be access to social networks for you to share what you're watching with friends.