Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you ask), none of my totally random 2010 predictions came true. Celine Dion didn't wow critics in an Oscar-worthy performance. Avril didn't hook up with Kanye (that we know of, anyway). And still no comeback for Lindsay.

Truth is often stranger than even my wackiest predictions. I mean -- Chelsea Handler hooking up with 50 Cent? How bizarre! Jessica Simpson becoming a billion-dollar fashion mogul? Shania Twain marrying the ex-husband of the woman her husband left her for? Dr. Drew publicly accusing Angelina of being a heroin addict? Who saw any of those things coming? Certainly not I.

Still, my incredibly poor track record for making accurate predictions isn't going to stop me from attempting to make some again! After all, if at first you fail, try, try again. And try again I shall. Here's what I think could happen in 2011.